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Which chainstay protector size?

dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
edited October 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I hope it's ok posting this here. I'm after Lizard Skins chainstay protectors and have checked out the sizes for the standard, jumbo and superjumbo ones on the lizardskins website and measured the bikes. How do these attach? My bike is 85mm circumference at one end and 80mm at the other. Will the jumbo one fit? It says 85mm at both ends but without knowing how they attach I can't work out if that is the right size. ie if velcro then they'd need to overlap but if stuck on they wouldn't. My wife's bike is a pretty constant 80 mm.
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  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035

    Only thing to watch out for is the cable boss to the rear mech - they can be top or bottom routed.

    If bottom you may need to cut it a bit - but my mates works with it wrapped right around, although I don't think that's the best solution really.
  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    That's not an issue with these frames as there's no boss.

    Ok, so they're velcro but when they say 85mm, is that the maximum frame circumference or is a bigger size needed to provide overlap for the velcro?

    I'm guessing the jumbo, 85mm size should be right for both but just want to be sure before ordering.
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  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Just go for a normal - they do stretch - especially over time.

    Best slightly too small - you just might not have a complete overlap right the way along.
  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    The three sizes are:

    Standard: 75mm tapering to 68mm x 245mm
    Jumbo: 85mm x 255 mm
    Superjumbo: 128 mm x 245mm

    It seems that Jumbo would be right for both frames then.
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  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    You're right on the cusp.

    Perhaps the Jumbo - standard is a no go if it's tapered - 12mm prob too much of a stretch.

    Go and try one out at your LBS?
  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    I've ordered them. I decided to take a chance as I found them for £5.06 each with free postage and there were only two left in stock. Most places want £7 - £9 each for them.

    If they don't fit I should be able to sell them on without losing out.

    Thanks for the help.
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  • Andy!Andy! Posts: 433
    what frames? Been looking for one for my carbon 456
  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    One's a Kona Kula Deluxe 29er and the other's a Kona Big Kahuna 29er
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