Anyone got a broken STi for spares?

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Someone has given me some 105 STi shifters to complete a winter bike build. Unfortunately they came without the band clamps that fix them to the handlebars.

Anyone got any broken shifters I could use for donor parts? I know left and right clamps are the same, and I 'think' Ultegra/Dura Ace/105/Tiagra/Sora are all interchangeable, although mine are ST-5600. I just need the band clamp and screw/nut thingee



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    Try your LBS if they have a Madison account and see if they can get the following parts

    Y-6BD 98120 & Y-6BD 98130

    Parts 11& 12 ... 612343.pdf
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    Thanks for that but I'm a bit confused about the part numbers and was hoping to do this on the cheap!

    The part numbers you give seem to be used on just about all the shifter assemblies apart from the ST-5600 variants. No idea how they differ, it may just be a matter of finish, but the number given on the parts list for the (105) ST-5600 is Y-6K2-98060. I've checked with my LBS and Madison don't list that part as an available spare, but they do list the one you suggested.

    I'm rather loathe to spend the money on the part you list, just in case it won't fit.

    Anyone able to confirm that all the band clamps are interchangeable? If so then I'll order some of the Ultegra/Tiagra flavour.