Good Cantilever brakes Frogglegs ? or other?

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Looking for a decent set of Cantilever brakes for my cross bike. I change wheels quite frequently so want something that is easy to unclip.

Currently have tektro V brakes and they are cack. Poor power and impossible to set up so that they're close enough to the rim but the noodle can be unhooked to change wheels. I'm always undoing the cable to take the wheels off :twisted:

Was thinking of something like this ... 360042499/

but then I saw these


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    I have found Tektro canti's to work well with Campag Ergolevers so I think they'd work well with STIs as well. I first tried mini V brakes and low profile (Shimano) style cantis and found both less than satisfactory, they didn't work well and were a pain when you wanted to drop the wheel out.
    I'd go for these or Froglegs over other styles, Planet-X have some good looking own brand Froglegs that might be worth checking out.
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    The PBK deal is the best I would imagine. I got a complete set of new Tektro CR520 Frogglegs from Zepnat on Ebay for £23.99!

    Price has gone up now though.
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    Tektro CR520 / 720.

    Not used anything else as good (including avids, shimanos, froglegs)
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    I've read a few bad things about the frogglegs brand canti brakes. Hard to put on and poor stopping power but apparently these are what the pro's use?

    Also found these on ebay ... 514wt_1137

    the pads are bound to be cack so they're £30 if you including buying new ones.

    So the choice is now down to, cheap ebay tektro copies (see above ebay link), froggleg branded ones £40 (see the PBK link in the OP) or the tektro CR520 which are £38 for two from CRC.

    Price difference is minimal so just want the ones with the most stopping power.
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    I expect all sorts of ribble flaming, but I've never had any problems with them - lot cheaper there: ... EKTBRAR500

    Oh yeah, I'm also using the standard pads which have been fine so far.
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    Anyone else got experience of cantilevers or recommendations
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    jordan_217 wrote:

    Yeah I saw this too but they are way over budget. Unless someone has found a bargain anywhere.