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Chain slip on fairly new bike

964rh964rh Posts: 72
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Morning all

I've tried searching but cannot find an answer so here goes.

I've got a Carrera Fury that I've had for about 12 months but only ridden a few times for various reasons.

Went for a ride around Rutland Water on Saturday and had a great time until towards the end. I was working my nuts off going up on of the hills and the chain slipped a couple of times, felt like from the rear cogs.

I was one the middle front ring and 4th rear.

Any ideas on what could be the issue?




  • CasbarCasbar Posts: 168
    I assume you have a decent cassett on the bike and it hasn't worn in the few times that you have ridden it

    In that case it could be that your chain is a bit rusty ( maybe if you haven't oiled it properly ) and that there are a few tight links on it . Or your rear gear cable hasn't been tightened since it was new and needs readjusting

    Hope this helps
  • Hi,

    sounds very obvious and you may have checked but I had the same thing recently (thought it was rear mech or cassette) - in the end is was a very stiff chain link. All the recent bad weather had washed the lube away and I hadn't reapplied enough.
  • 964rh964rh Posts: 72
    Thanks both, I've cleaned up the chain (it was showing some surface rust after the ride at the weekend) and re-lubed so hopefully that'll have sorted it.

  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    i'm getting the same at the moment. The bike has only done 600 miles and it has been well looked after, but the rain, mud and sand are killing my bike. When it's clean it runs fine, but 20 mins on the trails and the drive chain jams up or slips in any gear.
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