Rourkie's Cat & Fiddle Ride - Wettest ever?

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Just spent a few hours tackling Rourkie's Cat & Fiddle ride today. Despite the fact that it is just 55 miles, it was one of the hardest days riding I've experienced.

The wind at the top of the Cat was so strong - I was blown sideways off the road onto the moor at one stage. I had to ride angled into the wind just to maintain a straight line (30mmm rims didn't help matters!)

Unbelievable day but strangely quite enjoyable at the end and certainly a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Anybody else enjoy it?


  • I was going to do it, did it in the dry a couple of years ago and fancied another bash but no way in that rain. So in the sense that I was sitting in my house playing Fallout 3 on Xbox, yes I enjoyed it :D
  • Also ran on 30mm rims - not the best of ideas! Despite being 14 stone I too was blown away sideways...and the rain. I chose not to use glasses and pais for it with bloodshot eyes and pain!!
  • Forgot to say that...yes I enjoyed it. Hard to explain to the family exactly how hard the conditions were?
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    Unbelievable! and I know what you mean about hard to explain. I found the climb up the Cat quite enjoyable apart from being drenched by a tidal wave from a car coming the other way on the top. The worst part was from the Buxton junction to Leek. The wind and rain were the worst I've ridden in. I couldn't see through my glasses and I lost the feeling in my fingers. Having said all that, many thanks to all who organised it and for the plates of butties and cakes and the finish. A truly memorable day! Lets hope for better weather next year.
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    Forgot to say, does anyone know where to view the photos that were taken along the route?
  • Quite funny to see the reflections of the riders on the road!

    Try this ... lery=10139
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    moab98 wrote:
    apart from being drenched by a tidal wave from a car coming the other way on the top.

    Yes I forgot to mention the bloody tidal waves from passing cars (and one or two were intentional too :evil: )
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    Thanks for the link Oilymoyle
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    It was attrocious, utterly dreadful - but good in a perverse kind of a way. It stopped being fun on the summit of the C&F and on the descent, it was genuinely scary with the cross wind. The Axe Edge climb was an epic, and one we're going to talk about for years. But by the Gods it was rough. Even the normal fun descents weren't nice, I was on my brakes all the way down because of the standing water, it pretty much finished off my front blocks, which had only done about two hundred miles prior to that.

    Marvellous stuff.