first wheel build advice

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hi all,
i'm currently building a roadster based on a 1950's raleigh frame, a sort of anti fixie if you like.

This weekend i've laced up my first wheel (ever) which is a 26 1 3/8" rim laced into a 1987 sturmey archer 3 speed hub.


it took me a bit of time to work out getting the first leading spoke in but it appears to look okay now and just needs truing.

My question though, is that i think i might have laced the rim with a slightly smaller gauge spoke that i should have. Not knowing much about these things (and being pleased i didnt screw up measurements with the sapim spoke calculator), i find that i've build using 2mm spokes in 4mm spoke nipple but actually have 4.5mm holes in the rim. As such, it looks like i've got a bit of space round the nipple compared to the laced wheels of my road bike. Whilst this only appears to have only have aesthetic issues, is there any reason why this might have any negative affect?

Was thinking that perhaps i could just get some larger nipples and swap these with what i've got already. Does this sound possible?


  • I'd like to help, but I've got no idea... it doesn't appear a big problem, by the sound of it
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