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Removal of stuck down handlebar bracket for Sigma BC 1609 ST

willie16willie16 Posts: 2
edited October 2010 in MTB workshop & tech

What's the best way to remove a handlebar bracket for a Sigma Sports BC 1609 STS Cycle Computer, that's been stuck in place using the sticky pad supplied, without damaging the bracket?

I need to re-position the bracket. Any tips as how to prise/cut/ease the stuck down bracket from the handlebars so it can be used again?

Many thanks.


  • A pair of scissors undearneath with only one of them sides going under, if you know what I mean. Then just pry it up from the middle and should pop off.
  • A hair dryer might relax the glue enough to remove it without any damage or possibly a solvent like meths, lighter fluid or nail varnish remover. Failing that, I think I'd go very carefully with a craft knife making sure I don't scratch the bars.
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