Switching from Dura Ace til Di2 ??

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As a road cyclist who weekly rides about 100 km and not participates in any cycling event, do you think it's at all worth the cost switching from Dura Ace to Di2 ?? I mean, I can afford it, but what will I gain ??


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    stigma wrote:
    I mean, I can afford it, but what will I gain ??
    Faster shifts, weaker hands, more room in your wallet, and everyone will want to scalp you.
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    Its nice to use, but would I pay the extra myself ? No and definitely not just for leisure cycling.
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    You will gain weight on your bike.
    You will gain some arguable bragging rights amongst those who believe everything in this world should come with a pack of AA cells. Like knife sharpeners for instance, or pepper grinders or toothbrushes, or my current pet hate, the battery powered handwash soap dispenser!!! FFS who needs one of those??

    Other than that, you will gain nothing much worthwhile.
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    Nice to have but a lot of money for what you do. If you want it get it but read a couple of reviews about it. You might not want to have a battery on your frame. TWMP reviewed it a while back

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    Yeah go for it.
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    Get me one too, while you are at it, and I can help you decide if it is better.
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    One of the things I did like about Di2 when I tried it was the fact that the brake levers are fixed to move in one plane only. IMO, this makes for a much more solid and positive feel to the brakes compared with the standard 7900 STi's. This, I Iike a lot......

    Reason to swap? For me, on top of the other attributes, probably. But then I will need a new groupset if I go ahead with the new frame purchase I am considering so its not really a swap, more of a requirement :lol:

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    Ui2 will be out next year...