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planet X -SL pro carbon v Nanolight

funk-meisterfunk-meister Posts: 34
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Could anyone give some advice on which of these two would be the better buy. £300 difference gets me????? Also is their significant advantages in SRAM, red, rival and force?

I don't race ...yet, but do ride about 500-600 miles a month and am currently using a generic carbon frame specced with mostly Shim 105.

Looking for a second road bike and whilst wanting to upgrade i dont want to go mad.

The Nano light looks a more pleasing frame but do i get alot more 'bang for my buck'

Appreciate your comments...thanx
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  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    The Nanolight is a bit lighter and a load better looking. I went to the P-X showroom with the intention of spending £1099 on the SL Pro Red, but I ended up with an upgraded Nanolight for £500 more (the g/f wouldn't let me get the cheaper SL Pro cos she thought it was ugly). Only picked it up yesterday and haven't ridden it yet, but it looks lovely and even with my heavy Powertap wheel it comes in at under 7.3kg complete.

    If you can stand the look of the SL Pro though its probably a better buy especially since the basic Nanolight High Mod SRAM Red has gone up to £1699 now.
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  • drudru Posts: 1,341
    Can mirror what he said.

    BUT - I like the look of the PX SL and grabbed myself a £1099 part SRAM red build.

    Had a proper retul fit to it and went out on the weekend for its baptism.... my god it is a joy to ride.

    The SRAM red shifting is great (I come from a very olf 9 speed campag setup) and the bike is stiff in all the right areas.

    I could not justify spending half again on a bike which is only a little lighter with the same spec components.

    One thing to be wary of the medium frame fits 2 bottles, the small only one - and the medium frame only just holds a standard 500ml bottle on the seat tube, I could not get 2 x 750ml's to fit.
  • I would recommend the Nanolight. I had an SL Pro for about 6 months and it is a very nice second string bike. However, the Nanolight is awesome!! I've had the Nanolight frame (with D/A components) about a 4 days and ridden about 250 miles, including a 125 mile ride. This frame compares very favorably to my Felt F-1 frame. It is light (975 grams), stiff, very responsive, very smooth and relatively comfortable over the rough chip seal roads around here. It is also top notch quality – the frame is quiet and the dropouts are perfectly aligned. It feels very solid beneath me, particularly the front end. No wobble during a 40 mph descent. VERY VERY NICE!!
  • Appreciate the feedback...Nanolight it is then. Just need to decide which groupset to opt for
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