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So I've ordered two pairs of dhb R1 shoes, a size a part. My heel tends to lift away slightly when I walk in the larger shoe but is otherwise comfy. The smaller shoe doesn't move at all but my toes are a bit scrunched up at the front and it's a bit narrow - I've got quite broad but short feet!

Which do you think I go for - wear into the tight fitting uncomfortable shoe, or the 'slightly loose at the heel' comfortable one?!

(When buying normal shoes, 75% of the time I end up with the wrong size....doh)


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    Send them both back and try something else!, try Specialized is my thought from your description of broad feet.... thats what I have and my feet arent especially wide but a lot of shoes are a bit narrow for me ...or if youve got read wide 'fat' feet try Northwaves, some of those are quite wide indeed.
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    like mfin says - if they don't fit properly, send them back. I know they are a 'bargain' shoe, but if they don't suit your foot shape then the money is wasted anyway. Maybe spend a bit more on a shoe that you are comfortable in.....
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    As above, send them back. If they don't fit then they don't fit, don't compromise.

    I have broad feet too and found that Northwave are generous in the width department. As mentioned, Specialized shoes are also worth trying.

    A shoe with a ratchet system may allow you to get a better fit.
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  • Thanks for the advice. I went with the larger size - they actually fit better than I described - the heel only slips slightly when walking, and not at all on the bike.