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spongtasticspongtastic Posts: 3,131
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I had to check an industrial unit clearance today, bit miffed as all the makita tools had gone, but wait a minute. There's a cupboard full of IT stuff including HP printer cartridges. They're only £500+ for a set on eBay! Guess what my car is now full of?
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  • TolkTolk Posts: 840
    Sweet! We were happy with an office chair when the unit next door to our work was emptied, that was a fun week of office chair jousting....
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  • kona_mattkona_matt Posts: 475
    when our fantasticly brilliant IT department (there's not an emoticon for sarcasm is there?) decided to swap our high quality colour A3 print for a used, poor quality colour photocopier/printed they forgot to take the spare ink cartridges with them. a colleague noticed this and decided to send them back to IT as he'd googled cartridges and though they might want them as they were worth around £300 each!!!! damn his honesty :evil: that would have paid for a lot of drinks at the christmas do that we have finance these days.
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