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Pro Lite Allein wheelset

twilightdoortwilightdoor Posts: 25
edited December 2010 in MTB buying advice
I don't suppose anyyones had any experience with the Pro-lite Alleins? Im thinkin of upgrading but i want to know what the bearings are like first. i take it that theyre cup and cone rather than sealed cartridge?


  • GrifcpGrifcp Posts: 283
    I have a set, bearings are cartridge 2 front 4 rear and roll very well. I took a punt on them as I've been impressed with a set of their road wheels that I've been using. I wouldn't advise going for them if your on the weighty (I'm 12 stone) side or do lots of jump stuff as they are quite light and only 28 spokes front and rear, other than that they seem good. Just used them for the London to Brighton off road ride and they were fine. Only had them for a couple of weeks so can't say about longevity. Got them from Ribble when they had their sale on. :)
  • sweet they sound like they will suit me.

    I've read that they may have an alloy freehub which means that you have to use a cassette with a spider/carrier. Do you know if they do have an alloy freehub or if you need a cassette with a carrier?

    cheers for the help
  • I was looking for this wheelset too. ( and reviews).
    Did you buy the wheels and do you like them?
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