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GubbsGubbs Posts: 9
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Hi All

I am looking to go out and by my first bike, i know that i want a front suspension one but there are so many i do not know what sort to get.I am looking to spend around £600-£700. I will be doing a little offroading but will also be riding on the road aswell i will not be doing any big jumps as not that experianced.I have looked at the GT AVALANCHE 1.0 DISC LTD EDITION and the GT AVALANCHE EXPERT
(2009)which i like but do need some advice.Hope you can help.




  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Both very good bikes, if a little on the weighty side. Tough though. I'd take a look at the Boardman Comp too for a svelter xc type machine.
  • can nobody else help me, really do need some advice. Had a look at the Cube aswell and like the look does anyone know much about theses.
  • I'll give you some advice....

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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Ask a dozen people and you'll get a dozen answers. Go to some shops, ride a few and buy what you like.
    SS's advice is good. Probably the best spec for the price. They look good as well.
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  • stuisnewstuisnew Posts: 366
    Agree with the small number of accurate responses.
    Carrera Fury always gets a lot of approval at this price range. For £700 the Voodoo Bokor also scored very highly (search bike radar for reviews of these bikes).
    Check out your local bike shop as well and take something for a spin.

    Depends what you're into as well. Its difficult ti say "what's good for £500" when we don't know if you are into jumping, downhill, black runs or XC racing. :roll:
  • stuisnewstuisnew Posts: 366
    Gubbs wrote:
    can nobody else help me, really do need some advice. Had a look at the Cube aswell and like the look does anyone know much about theses.

    Heard bad things about the cheaper cubes, they look really good and pull people in but for those who get out regualrly their limitations become apparent (from someone who reads a lot of threads on here!) All that glitters and all that...

    But having not ridden one myself or know anyone with one I can't comment objectively...just trying to help

    Apparently the Carrerra Fury is back at £599 so i'd still say that is a good place to start
  • If you're inexperienced and don't know what you're looking for then head for your local bike shop - thats what they're good at.

    You'll get way to much in the way of opinions here.

    if the shop is rubbish then check out another.

    You could always ask for a recommendation on a local bike shop here though - that'd be a start.
  • GubbsGubbs Posts: 9
    Cheers lad thanks for advice i will have to get out and go and look at a few. Cherrs stuinew as i did like the look of the cube but may not be the best bike i can get.Is the Carrera fury a good spec as i do like the look and think i will go and try one out.
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