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which pedals?

titch124titch124 Posts: 39
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i just had my new shoes arrive , and now im looking at pedals, i was looking at the look pedals, but just seen the spd-sl's what are the advantage of each , which is the best ride?

any help will be appriciated :D


  • I got a pair of these SPD-SLs:

    main reason was price, they were much cheaper than the look alternatives. They are my first and only clipless so I can't compare them, but I think they are great.
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  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    I recently switched from SPD-SLs to Speedplays and liking it so far (although still getting used to the float, especially when standing). Difficult really to do a meaningful comparison but all the big name systems have plenty of users so can't be bad. Depends how much yo spend on the pedals to, the cheapest Look Keos probably don't compare well to Dura-Ace but equally priced ones might be as good or better, kind of stating the obvious I guess but I just means it's not really the system itself but how it's implemented (only Speedplay are radically different in terms of the cleat/pedal system).
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