Eyewear Outlet - Quality Service

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Just got to mention Eyewear Outlet for their top notch service.

Having found out about them on here, I emailed them about their Oakley factory seconds to ask what the faults were. They emailed back confirming that if I let them know which model I wanted they would pick out a perfect pair. Result!

Ordered a pair of Radar Pitch glasses for £69.99 in black. The glasses that arrived were the aluminium models with G20 lens. Annoyed but interested to see how they would rectify.

Emailed EO who confirmed they had sent the wrong glasses AND the black Radar's I wanted were now sold. ANNOYED!! BUT.....

They offered me a perfect pair of matte black jawbones for no extra charge which I swiftly accepted!

So I now have a perfect pair of Jawbones with 2 sets of lenses which retail for £150 for £70. Result!
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