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Summers over and bike is broke already!!

flatericflateric Posts: 201
edited September 2010 in Commuting chat
IMG_0681 by flaterics distant cousin, on Flickr

I dont fully understand that after using this bike for a 2-3 mile each way commute, for only 8 weeks i have two wonky wheels and a broken carrier, i didnt think i was carrying that much weight, its back to the trusty (and flipping heavy MTB then as winter is coming!!!

does this bike look to weak to commute on?
Bike one Dawes Acoma (heavily modified)
Bike two (trek) Lemond Etape (dusty and not ridden much)
Bike Three Claude Butler chinook, (freebee from
Freecycle, Being stripped and rebuilt
(is 3 too many bikes)


  • flateric wrote:

    does this bike look to weak to commute on?

    No, it does not look to weak to commute on.

    probably best to attempt to go round some of the potholes rather than straight through them though :-)
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