New Tyres - GP4000s or Pro Race 3

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I've decided to replace the vittoria zaffiro tyres that came as standard on my bike due to several times when the back has slipped out and nearly killed me (might be due to rider error though. I also just saw they weigh 350g or something daft!!)

Im looking for a tyre for all round use, not racing or anything like that. Something that grips a bit better than the zaffiro would be good too- the roads always seem to be damp.

I've narrowed it down to these two, favouring the GP4000s slightly as i like the sound of black chili compound- nothing rational.

Will these be a good buy, or should i get something else?



  • I got GP4000s to replace my Evo2 tyres at the beginning of the year. I think they are excellent. Superb grip, excellent puncture resistance (none so far) and roll well.

    Never had Pro 3 tyres but club mates don't rate them and most have changed them once they've worn out.
  • sounds like ill be buying some gp4000s then :D
  • I run both from time to time,,,the feeling I get is that the Pro3 rolls slightly better than the 4000S and has a little more feel?. , There is not much in it mind, it's not as if average mph is noticeably higher.

    Having said that, I think the 4000S is more durable than the Michelin.

    On balance at this time of year I run the 4000S, next summer I will definitely be back on the Pro3 for a few months.
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    You should try Vittoria open corsa evo cx, the 4000s are very good but i've found the previous better. As for the Michelin.. good grip at a price, i got fed up with them cutting up and i'm not talking little nicks, deep cuts.
  • A vote here for Michelin Pro Race 3s, I've changed to them from GP4000s and I think they're better, more supple and a better ride. Personally I think they last better that the GP4000s and I've not experienced any major cutting in fact the Pro Race 3s have cut up less for me that the GP4000s.
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    Not a single p*ncture on GP4000s. Had plenty on PRO 3's. I have absolutely no complaints & will be replacing them with some more GP's.
  • The 4000s every time. Had some MIchelin nice feel but punctured about third ride.
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    Are the 4000s ok for winter use?
  • Jungli wrote:
    Are the 4000s ok for winter use?
    yes the 4000S tyres are great for winter use, they get far more small cuts during the wet and cold weather but i still havnt had any punctures at all yet.
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    I've recently replaced my PR3s with GP4000s and while I can't give a conclusive view signs are good re wear, feel, speed, and pucture resistance.

    IMHO PR3 pros:

    Light (mine came in at 204g each)
    Roll great, feel fast.


    Cut up badly
    Rubber doesn't age well
    PUNCTURES, PUNCTURES, PUNCTURES ..... and more punctures

    I won't buy these again. maybe good as an event tyre but I can't see how these make a good choice for fast recreational riding/training.

    My GPs are a little heavier 220g (despite claimed wieght) but I'll take that for a little more protection.