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Headset for Winter build?

GavHGavH Posts: 933
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I'm going to build a winter setup based on an Ambrosio Solaro frame (1 1/8" as far as I can tell). I know pretty much what I want to build it with in every area less the Headset. What make/model should I be considering if cost and durability are my prime concerns?

Properly clueless when it comes to headsets!! :oops:


  • GavHGavH Posts: 933
    Anyone even able to educate me on the differences between Integrated, conventional, ceramic and internal? Please.
  • Check out the Cane Creek website

    They have plenty of guides explaining the differences between the different types/styles of headsets, as well as a "headset finder" for you make/model/year of bike and even a measuring guide if the finder can't help you.

    I found it really useful when building up my bike earlier in the year.

    In terms of quality, anything from FSA or Cane Creek is usually pretty reliable and you can get spares easily enough if you need them later on.
  • For a winter bike I would try and get one with sealed bearings. The load bearings (bottom ones) tend to get wet and rusty, if they're not sealed.
    My Cane Creek was of the non sealed type and the second winter proved fatal
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  • GavHGavH Posts: 933
    Thanks, especially to Mark for the tip re: the Cane Creek site - excellent resource! :D
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