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SRAM x0 10spd and xtr 10spd compatability?

bolbol Posts: 138
edited September 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I'd like to replace my current 9spd x0/xtr mix transmission with 10spd. What I have in mind is x0 shifters and rear mech, xtr crank and front mech, and whichever group's cassette and chain will work best. Does anyone know whether this is doable, as it is for 9spd, or are the two new systems incompatible?

Any thoughts, wisdom or recommendations much appreciated.


  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Yes that combo will be doable, obviously you'll need to get either the 2x10 or 3x10 shifters depending on which chainset you go for.

    According to the 2 companies the cassette spacing is different, so you'll have to use a cassette/chain from the same manufacturer as your shifters and rear mech. However, they would say that, and a number of bike manufacturers seem to be speccing a mix, as they always have, which would suggest the exact same compatibility exists as with 9 speed.
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