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Can I use my Tiagra triple STI for a double?

trickyplayertrickyplayer Posts: 65
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I am replacing my triple chainset with a double. My STIs are Tiagra triple compatible. Can I use these for a double set up? Is there anything to look out for in set up so that I do not break the STI (on another bike I had supposedly triple / double compatible 105 STIs and the LH lever broke as I used it in a double set up). Thanks


  • thats what i use and it works fine.

    I set it up a friends using what i thought was teh right way using the limiting screws on the front mech and it took 3 clicks to change gear.

    When i put a new cable on I looked at this

    followed his advice and now it takes 2 clicks just like a double sti.
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