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Kurt Kinetic Turbo Trainers

ZingzangZingzang Posts: 196
edited September 2010 in Road buying advice
I am thinking of buying either the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine or the Kurt Kinetic Pro Turbo Trainer. The only difference I can discern from the product descriptions/photos is that the Pro has an extra flywheel that can be fitted over the top of the standard one to make it quite a bit heavier.
Does anyone know what other differences there may be between these two machines, e.g. frame geometry, wheel fixing system ?
Does anyone have experience of using either of them?
Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Percy VeraPercy Vera Posts: 1,103
    AFAIK the only difference is the flywheel as you have already pointed out.

    I have the Rock'n'Roll Pro - 2 flywheels but to be honest I never use the extra 12lb flywheel, the 6lb is enough.

    Great machine, very happy with it.
  • I own the Road Machine, went for that one as I didn't think I would need the extra weight.

    They are a great machine well built and very smooth, far superior to the mag trainer I was using

    AFAIK the only differences between the Road and Pro are the extra flywheel and a larger diameter axle on the Pro to cope with the extra weight.

    HTH Desmo
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,589
    I've used the std KK for about 5 years now and it has been very good. Seems to be sturdy and good for able to put up with my puny outputs for intervals ranging from flat-out 20 second efforts to 20+minute steady ones.
    Only issue I've had, and seems to be regognised issue, is the threaded tension adjustment L-shaped bolt which stripped.
    KK sent me a replacement plus 1 other one and since I started reducing the tendion by a couple of turns before removing the bike from the trainer I've not had the issue again. KK were pretty efficient in dealing with this.
    Other issue I've had is 2 of the computers that calculate the power have failed, 1st one within a few months, 2nd one about 9 months ago, I got a s/h one off someone. Again, this seems to be an issue, the computer is not gteh best bit of kit. A std one with rear wheel sensor to show speed would suffice by seeing a number with the calculated Watts has often been a bit of extra motivation for me.
  • phil sphil s Posts: 1,128
    I have the one with the extra weight and love the smoothness it gives. I take the extra 12lb off for short, snappy intervals.
    -- Dirk Hofman Motorhomes --
  • doyler78doyler78 Posts: 1,951
    phil s wrote:
    I have the one with the extra weight and love the smoothness it gives. I take the extra 12lb off for short, snappy intervals.

    I would do the same if I actually ever done short snappy intervals however I don't so my 12lb flywheel is always on. Glad I bought mine before the prices went through the roof though :lol:
  • i have the road machine and it is an excellant trainer, best one I have ridden for the quality of the ride

    it was expensive, but then i looked at the reviews at how sturdy and reliable it was and went ahead and got it, and am glad now that i bought it, can only say good things about it

    i got the chance to get an i-magic afte,r and rode it a few times but sold it on, preferred the ride of the kurt even though the i-magic had all the bells and whistles

    the kurts power curve is very close to what i get from my ergomo, so if you want to do power sessions on it, just hook up a speedo to the back wheel and pin the speed / power curve beside you and go
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