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Looking for some bib shorts on a budget

badlydrunkboybadlydrunkboy Posts: 78
edited September 2010 in Road buying advice
Morning all,

I' was trying to get some bib shorts through the C2W scheme but CycleSolutions dont have any in my budget due in till late november and they wont ship the bike without the whole order included so i'm going to have to order some off my own back. My budget it about £30-40 so would like some recommendations on what would be good in that kind of proce range. Trouble is, i'm a big lad (38-40 waist) so need to take that into account as i dont think they build Italian like me 8)

Cheers chaps


  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    Lusso ProX
  • Paul EPaul E Posts: 2,052
    I have 2 pairs of non bib lusso shorts and they are well made with a good pad and lusso knee warmers which are great too so they get the thumbs up from me
    bartman100 wrote:
    The OP is a troll = moron
    The OP actually believes this = moron
  • Cheers gents, where's the best/cheapest place to get them?
  • DHB from Wiggle
    Jens says "Shut up legs !! "

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  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Shutt's bibshorts are only £30, and have a loyal following on here.

    I just got some Finchdeans from Wiggle discounted to £45 and they are a massive improvement on my cheapo non-bibs in terms of waist comfort and pad thickness / construction.
  • Just noticed the Team Wiggle bib shorts. Anyone got any experience of these? They seem pretty decent and cheap. Might bite the bullet and go for them and a pair or two of undershorts. The shutt bibshorts are a bit small for me i think.
  • how aboout £25 a pair?
    Fairly comfy chamoix and at the price you can have two pairs ... rts-636079
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  • spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,731
    badly, get some gore :roll:

    in all seriousness get some shuttvr shorts, they are meant to be fantastic
  • ratsbeyfusratsbeyfus Posts: 2,841
    +1 to the Shutt £29 jobbies. Or, head to decathlon, if you have near you.

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

  • ratsbeyfus wrote:
    +1 to the Shutt £29 jobbies. Or, head to decathlon, if you have near you.
    +1 for this also. I have two of them and am very happy with them.
    Great value for money. Bib shorts at the price of standard shorts.
    (And with free Mule bar in packet)

    Great quality and great company to boot.

    One poster on the forum here has complained about the colour of them not being the blackest black (more a dark blue'y black), but the quality shines through.

    Can I upgrade???
  • The shutt sizes look like they might be an issue as the XL is only 34-36" waist (WTF, how is that XL?!)

    I dont have a Decathlon near me i'm afraid. Looks like i might have to go with the wiggle team shorts. I'll be wearing normal shorts over them anyway so i'm not bothered about the look.
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