Help comparing Trek and Felt 2011 bikes

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Sorry about all the questions.

Can someone please compare the Trek 2011 lineup and the Felt 2011. Of particular interest to me at the moment are Trek Madone 6.2 Compact 2011 Road Bike, Trek Madone 5.9 Compact 2011 Road Bike and Trek Madone 5.5 Compact 2011 Road Bike. How would those two compare to each other?

Ideally, I'd like to spend less than £3-3.5k.

I'm not sure how exactly I'd compare the bikes and what offers more value for the money.

Looks wise, the Felt looks better to me, but both seem fantastic to me. I'm trying to avoid the Livestrong colours though.

Could someone offer a comparison with a Canyon bike please. Will they be present in the cycleshow this coming October, perhaps I could then ask them whether they plan to distribute bikes in the UK. I'm not really fussed about brand naming.


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    Canyon is already available here, via their online site. You wiill not find them in the shops, that is the whole point.

    As for the rest of the question - you are asking the impossible. Just set yourself a budget, try out the bikes you like and buy one - you will not buy a bad bike at that price....