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Hi fellow bike enthusiasts

Seeking some suggestions....

I purchased my first road bike at the end of March (52cm `09 trek 1.9 for 2300AUD which was reduced from 3400 as it was a last years model). I`ve been riding lots since and loving it. I ride about 250 + k every week. I`m getting into road racing and crits and have serious bike envy! My bike is alluminium and I`d really like something lighter, faster...etc, etc!! I am aware that I could simply improve my current bike with better wheels, was looking at Shimano DA7580`s but feel I`ll only be putting off the inevitable...

I`m also working hard on my fitness/training etc as I`m well aware that it is me as the rider who propels the bike....a snazzier one won`t necessarily make me faster :lol:

That aside, I spotted 2 bikes which seem like really good deals to me and wonder whether anyone has any suggestions.

1.Trek Madone 5.5 pro 2009 retailing at 4000AUD reduced from 8000 supposedly. It is a 2009 model after all. I could possibly get few extras thrown in as I bought my first bike from this shop.

2.Colnago CLX 2.0 Ultegra which is a 2010 model retailing at circa 3700 from Evans Cycles.

Other suggestions very welcome too!

One final thing, were I to sell my current Trek, what could I expect to get for it?

many thanks in advance


  • Leaving aside geo/fit (which you shoudl check out carefully) of the two you mention I'd go for the Colnago. It's classier, looks better to my eyes and I'd rather ride 6700 to Force and Fulcrums to the Bontragers.

    You could go for a no name type bike like Planet X and get better spec for the money. Not for me, but I can see the argument for doing it.
  • Whichever one fits you the best. But if they're both a good fit then the Colnago - a bit more cache than a Trek
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  • Got some geography confusion here? AUD and Evans?

    The best buy also depends on where your buying this? Market brand awareness and penetration will affect a local markets perceived "value" of a bike. It would be nice to know a little more about what your considering; what are the wheels, finishing kit. etc. Would you swap over anything from one to the other?

    You'll get the "obvious" (and correct) advice about fit and geometry and also about trying out a test ride if possible. On the surface of it I'd go the Colnago, but just because I don't like the twichiness of Treks.
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    I'd go for the Colnago, it's a great bike and the frame is good enough for upgrading in the future. I have a CLX with full Centaur groupset and Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels and it's great.
    A word of warning though, you should be able to get a CLX with Ultegra for less than £3000! I'd shop around if I were you.
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    You could always go the nearly new route and get something better. Eg. (if this fits...)

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Colnago-CX1-Carbo ... 19bf9927d8

    and build up from there. You could get an AMAZING bike for less than 2 grand with that.

    I got my dream frame (a colnago C50, 2007 model) with full 10sp carbon chorus and deda finishing kit all in immaculate condition for less than half the price of the frame alone new!
  • Thanks guys for your comments.

    Went into another LBS today, not where I bought my first Trek bike, and they quoted me 4800 AUD for 20011 Madone 5.9 which has durace components. Seems like a good deal to me.

    Have also been recommended Specialized Tarmac 2011 range as decent bikes within my budget so I think I`ll try and test ride both bikes and then make up my mind.

    Think Ive gone off the idea of Colnago....
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    As a former very loyal Trek owner (still have a 6.9 Madone) - I'd recommend looking around a bit more. The 5.5 Pro deal is a very good one and I'd personally buy it over the Colnago - but that's just me.

    Spesh are good bikes also. But there are so many different bikes out there to chose from.

    (The 5.5 Pro feels amazing when you first ride it, especially when compared to the one you have)