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Shimano Cassette fitting

red_eye5red_eye5 Posts: 57
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Hi Guys,

I got my DA 7850 CL so decided to set them up today.

I removed the Ultegra 6700 11-28 (10 speed) cassette from my Bontrager Race Lite wheel which i'd only fitted a couple of months ago. When I took the old cassette off it had a spacer ring left on the hub. I removed this as well and put it onto the new hub followed by the rest of the cassette exactly as I had removed it from the old hub. However after I put the cassette on I could not tighten the cassette lock nut properly. It would turn a couple of turns and then slip. The cassette also had play in it. I removed the cassette again and tried to tighten the locknut without the cassette on the wheel and it tightened correctly. I then removed the spacer which went on before the cassette and tried again This time it tightened up OK. I have now tuned the gears and everything is working as expected.

Any thoughts on why it would not tighten with the spacer ring on the new hub?



  • It would suggest that the freehub on your new wheel is 10 speed only, but I was under the impression that it was compatible with 8 and 9 speed.
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