Shimano 9 speed to 10 speed compatibility

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Hi guys, just tried to fit a new Shimano 105 10 speed cassette to an original Mavic Ksyrium and there was so much movement in the cassette body that it was unusable.
So is there a problem fitting 10 speed to a 9 setup?

Prior to that, the Ksyrium had been used with Shimano 9 speed with no issues. And the nine speed on the old Ksyrium had been fitted to a new Ksyrium, so no problem retrofitting 10 speed with a 9.

All help appreciated, but I suspect iti is as I have found out, ie, I've no chance of making a 10 speed work with an original (1999) Ksyrium


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    10 speed cassettes generally need a spacer behind the block because they are narrower than the 9 speed.
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    you need this then it will be fine ... prod14554/
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    Thanks guys, but a spacer won't solve it. There is actually play against the body - it's not a tight fit with the splines.
    I originally used a Mavic cassette with shimano or Campag spacers, perhaps the hub is so old that it just isn't compatible.
    What beats me is how it worked with 9 speed.
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    That's odd, I'd be surprised if the hub was too old as all 8, 9 and 10 speed should be compatible.

    How many spacers are you running? There should be two for the ten speed cassette.
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    yes thats what I thought about compatibility.
    Number of spacers isn't the issue, because the sprockets are loose on the freewheel, ie the hole in the sprocket does not marry up to the cassette body.
    Maybe it's a Mavic thing - I'll remount the original Mavic cassette.
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    Hi guys,
    just reassembled this, and it actually works - extra spacer did the trick, despite my earlier misgivings.