Oakleys broken - now what?

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I was putting my trusty old Oakleys on to cycle home this evening, and one of the arms just snapped clean in half.

The sunglasses are well out of warranty - just over 8 years old, and I'm not even sure they still make them any more (Minutes). But I quite like them so I was wondering if it's possible to get them fixed by Oakley. Has anyone got any experience with Oakley Customer Service getting their glasses fixed, and if so where's the best place to take them?


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    I had a similar problem with some Eye Jackets I purchased a few years ago but Oakley were also unable to assist. You can try sending them back to see if they have anything in their archives however.

    If they are able to assist, they will charge you around £14 for the warranty for the year and will send you out a new frame/glasses etc. you'll need to send your knackered glasses back of course....
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  • Give Oakley UK a call...


    I had a pair of Frogskins which broke around the lens. They don't make them anymore so they offered me a new pair at something like 30% of the cost, so I got myself a nice new pair of Gascans.

    Their customer service is very good, if it was a pair they still make you can "buy" a new warranty for something like £10-15 and from that get a new pair.
  • I had a pair of Minutes of a similar age (2004) and one of the arms snapped as yours did.

    Oakley said they knew of the issue, and had beefed up the design (now called Minute 2) and offered me a pair at a decent discount (which I took them up on).

    Give them a call!

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  • I had my Oakley's repaired (not cycling ones) by them, works out very cheap compared to a new pair. Give them a call
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    As above. I've had various returns/swaps/upgrades and they are excellent to deal with imo
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    When i had an arm break on 5 year old out of production glasses they sold me a new pair for half price. When i've wanted new lenses as mine were scratched (pebble dashed from grit driving the caterham) they sold me replacement lenses for quarter the cost of new glasses.

    So just ring them up then send them off in a jiffy bag. Very good customer service.
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    Sweet, sounds promising. I'll give them a call in the morning. Fingers crossed I'll be able to work something out.
  • I had the same a couple of years back - big lens scratch on my Eye Jackets which were discontinued but called Oakley and whilst they couldn't replace the lens they did offer me 40% discount on my choice of new glasses so I picked up identical colour lens and frames in the straight jackets but with the polaroid lens for under £100. Class service!
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