Converting shimano hub to campag - possible?

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I have a set of campag neutrons for Shimano 9/10, and am wondering how hard it is to convert the freehub to take a Campagnolo cassette. Is it just a matter of replacing the freehub cylinder part only, or is it more involved than that? Is it advisable for a guy who likes to tinker but is low on experience?

I am considering a new bike to use with them, and if its not too big a deal to convert them I could consider Campag equipped bikes as well as Shimano/Sram.

One additional question; does Campag 11 speed cassette use their 9/10 speed hub?

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  • Monty Dog
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    Simple - buy a replacement Campagnolo freehub FHBO015- will work with 9/10 or 11 speed cassettes. £53.51 from Ribble.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • 'Simple' - how I love that word. Thanks Monty!
  • Or, if you're using 9/10 speed, you could just use a Shimano/SRAM cassette with Campag shifters. The sprocket spacings are near enough to work fine. Apparently it doesn't work for 11 speed though. Sheldon Brown has a good explanation on this.

    Also, neutral servicing on road-races relies on this and uses one set of wheels for SRAM/Shimano/Campag.
  • Nice to know, Dave. Thanks.