Rear mech rebuild! Help!!

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Rebuilding my Campag Record rear mech 2007/2008 model.

Now, I am reassembling the hanger pivot spring as pictured below


A circlip fits over the plate to hold it together, but I cannot see how I can get the tabs of the plate to sit in the right orientation as shown in this pic:


The only way I can assemble it is with the tabs pictured as per pic 1, but that puts them 180 degrees or so out of position for correct mounting on the frame...

If I put it the correct way, I have to hold the plate dpwn to insert the circlip, but then there is no tension on the hanger pivot because the spring is not engaged in both the mech body and the plate.... ARGH.


Please help a brother out!! :)


  • Monty Dog
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    You need to wind the spring up in order to get the spring tension - it's tricky to keep the spring inserted, wind-up the spring and then fit the cir-clip
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