Swapping groupsets over...used chain v new crankset

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i have just bought a new bike with ultegra 6700 and am thinking of swapping the groupset with the dura ace groupset on my other bike. The other bike has a BB30 FSA SL-K chainset which I will leave on the bike and buy a new dura ace chainset and BB for the new bike which I will be fitting the duraace groupset...still with me?

My question is the used duraace chain likely to cause excessive wear on the new duraace chainset due to mixing new and old? The chain has probably seen about 800 miles of action in good weather only.

The question is relevant on the other bike also but this will be new chain and used chainset?

the reason for swapping is the new bike has a lighter frame so want to get the bike down to about 6.4kg