Brooks B17 Special

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Just ordered one in honey to go on my new red Allez.
I've done over 2000 miles this year and still suffer even after 10 miles ( decent shorts as well)
Guess modern seats just compress under my 17stone bulk :D
Will let you know how I get on


  • giant_man
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    Yeah let us know how long it takes to break it in eh Steve? ouch!
  • My weight will prob help the break in period although all the research i did seems to dispel the break in period ( a bit)
  • Am a Brooks fan, B17 special in green/copper, Team Pro and Swallow Ti. I don't think B17 is suitable for a road bike, at least from my own experience. Team Pro good for tourer, Swallow for roadie (to do with angle of your back/sit bones relative to saddle)
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
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    I think Father Jack is right. If you have the modern "roadie" position with bars way below the saddle then you might find the B17 is too wide. I ride in a much more upright position with the top of the bars barely an inch below the saddle. I find the B17 fine for this and have recently taken to a Swift which I find superb.

    Breaking in - having ridden Rolls for years, Brooks some years before that, about 6 years ago I bought a B17 Special expecting some initial comfort issues. They never happened. With the saddle set absolutely level, I found it firm and decidedly different to start with. After 100 miles of use it was unquestionably comfortable, and after 300 I stopped noticing it at all it was so good.
  • Arghhh
    So stick with B17s or go with Brooks B17 Narrow Saddle or Brooks Team Pro Chrome Saddle?
  • Well, I was going to have one sent but going to make a detour tomoro and go to the shop instead
  • +1 for the swift.. I have one on both of my bikes.

    In my experience breaking them in was not a problem - I used plenty of the proofride cream(?) in the first couple of weeks and was sitting comfy in no time. Not the lightest of saddles but certainly very comfy.
  • Well, went for the B17 special and early signs are good.
    Did 35 miles this morning and is defo better in the sitbone area although is tough in the perinnials.
    Seems a saddle that you need to tinker the angle and postion though.
    Bottome line is that on my previous saddles when i got sore i had nowhere to go, on the brooks you can just sit up for a bit, relieve the front garden and let the back garden sink(relatively) into the main bulk of the seat