HED Jet 9 C2 Rear Wheel - Broken spoke emergency.

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Hi, does anyone know what sort of warranty covers HED wheels, or if spokes are even covered by warranty ? Cant seem to find much info anywhere, the wheels are only 4 months old.

I have a Jet 9 rear wheel with a dead spoke and should be racing on sunday, would very much like to get it fixed sharpish, doesnt look like a job i can do myself.



  • dennisn
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    Can't say for sure, but if those wheels require anything other than a standard J-bend spoke you will probably be racing on another wheel come Sunday. Most LBS don't carry "special" spokes. Not at all sure about HED warranties although they did fix one of my 3 spoke wheels that had a bearing problem. Had to send it to them though.
  • Monty Dog
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    Any Jet wheels I've handled are made from an alloy rim with a bonded carbon fairing and use a conventional full-length J-spoke - you should be able to get your LBS to replace the spoke and re-tension the wheel safely. If you get repetitive spoke breakage, I'd investigate the warranty.
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