Best Pump? Frame fit or mini???

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What’s the best pump for using whilst out on the road? I suppose the bigger the better and I would like a frame pump but am unsure if you need to have a frame designed to take one? I have a Ribble winter frame, would one fit on these? If not what mini pumps are good?

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    Best mini pump is the Lezyne , quality bit of kit, v small and with flexible hose it will stop you bending valves - which I managed to do a few times with other pumps..
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    yep, lezyne... ... 360040908/

    ...a most excellent pump, it comes with a frame clip but i just stick it in a jersey pocket
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    As far as inflating tyres is concerned, a big pump works better than a small one unless there is quite a sizeable difference in construction quality. A Topeak Road Morph works about as well as a Zefal HPX-2, but isn't significantly smaller. A Zefal HPX-4 works better than either.

    Frame fit pumps fit along the seat tube of any bike with a horizontal or near horizontal top tube. The angle between seat tube and top tube has to be less than 90 degrees. If you fit a pump along the seat tube you can't use a seat tube bottle cage, and may have to fit low profile button head bolts.
    You can also fit a frame pump between the seat/top tube angle and the lower end of the head tube. To fit parallel to the top tube you really want a brazed on pump peg, but the head of a zip tie round the head tube will work if it's pulled tight over a bit of inner tube to prevent it slipping. Top tube pumps are prone to getting dislodged when you pick up the bike.
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    Thanks for the replies. My bike doesnt have a pump peg, which I suspected was required to fit one. Think I will go for one of those Lezyne pumps, they look good, I like the extending hose bit.
  • Considering how often you use it, I'd get a mini pump. Inflating my tyres to 100psi without a problem. A few years ago mini pumps had problems with 100psi, so went for frame fit pump. But bikes then were pretty standard so frame fit pumps fitted many bikes. Nowadays with angled welds and tight fitting tubes, they don't.

    Wiggle have a offer on carbon pump £7/9.. I wouldn't spend close to £40 on a pump.
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