Is Campag record meant to be like this?

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Hi, please can you help

Since 1991 Ive been running the same drivetrain of Dura Ace - same rear mech, same front mech, chainset (52 x 42) and downtube shifters. And it still runs wonderfully

When investing in my new bike I decided to try campag record. Its a mix of super record 11 speed levers, super record cassette, record front and rear mech together with a Extralite chainset with tune rings (50 x 36).

Here's the problem,

(1) the drive train is very noisy

(2) shifting from the 36 to the 50 ring seems top take a lot of effort and isn't a smooth shift at all - it seems to take an age to find the outer ring and connect


Having never used brake hood shifters nor a compact chainset before I dont know if its not working right or its meant to be like this! can you offer any thoughts / advice.



  • 1) Do you mean the freewheel? Campag freewheels are very noisy. My veloce when pedalling is silent, quiet as a mouse. Although my mirage makes a bit more noise.

    2) Not sure how many portions of a turn it takes to go from middle to large, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a turn?

    Just seems indexing isn't setup right.
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  • Thanks for reply,

    no, the noise is from the changing between chainrings rather than freewheel
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    Extralight chainrings are a product in their own right, aren't they? Nothing to do with Campag? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I have 10sp Campag Veloce (Khamsin wheels) on my Cadex. When coasting, the freewheel is NOISY and when pedalling there is more noise than with the Shimano 105 on my Z35. The change up front (Veloce 50/34) is crisp.

    I don't know if any of that helps.

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    It'll be the 1 piece extralight chainrings I suspect...
  • i think anything dura ace or record should run sweet all thought i know campags gears are not as silent as shimano i have bike with both groups on both are spot on i recomend taking to shop for a tweek as you might need spacers on the drive side of the bottom bracket as i did changing from bottom to top shouldent take any more then 1 revolution
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    :shock: buggieboy, you must have the VO2 max of a Norwegian Biathlete on EPO and clenbuterol! That or your comma and full stop buttons don't work...
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    jameslong - You haven't got it set up properly. Should be quiet and super smooth. Get it indexed and adjusted at a LBS or fettle is yourself. Once equal, there is NO finer groupset ...
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    My Campag double is noisier than my Ultegra triple, but not in an unpleasant way. It's my robust as well.

    But leaping from 36 to 50 is likely to be quite noisy anyway. Your old bike wasn't making such a big jump.