Finding a road bike with Ultegra components within $2kUSD

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I am now in the market for a road bike with full shimano ultegra components (I prefer ultegra over the shimano 105 set by a mile), I've been looking at the Cervelo RS bike since it has pretty much what I am looking for - full carbon, Ultegra front and rear derailers as well as shifters, and more upright. But the bike costs at least $3k. My budget can only allow for, preferably, under $2k USD, but I am willing to stretch a bit for the right bike. However, I am going to test ride the bikes as comfort (I prefer the more upright bikes) and frame is my primary focus then the Ultegra components. I am looking to ride long distances on the weekends rather than racing.

For instance, I came across the 2010 Cayo Expert 30G-20G Ultegra bike for only $2,400 at my local bike shop ( ... gra-2.html).

Any other bikes you know out there that could be had within my critera and budget?
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