All Season Bike - Advice ?

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Having put some 4000+ miles on my Focus cross bike in the past 12 months I now want to move over to a true road bike.

I am looking for a bike with the ability to fit mudguards so that i can use it over the autumn / winter months and then shed the mudguards for spring / summer. My budget is circa £900.

My cross bike weighs in at just under 11kg so I am hoping to get a bike that is sub 9.5kg or even lighter.

I can get the Verenti Kilmeston for £800 which has a claimed weight of around 9kg. Was also looking at the Ribble winter bike specced up with Tiagra and then paying a bit extra for some lighter wheels - does anyone know the rough weight of the ribble winter bike ?

Any other suggestions would be most welcome ...



  • For a winter bike weight isn't a big deal, I'd look for one with comfort and also decent brakes. Considering one with disc brakes if I can find one (I'd say more important thatn 1Kg either way) also maybe panniers to carry change of clothes, waterproofs, tool warmer set etc. I have a 520 steel/veloce all round bike...with long reach calipers not enough braking power in extreme wet.
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    With the Crud Racer MkII mudguards all bikes can be easily used all year. I have added these to my Focus Variado - just changed tyres to 23mm Gatorskins and hey presto great all round bike for less than £650 with 105drivetrain. The mudguards are only secured with plastic ties which are easily and cheaply replaced for the summer.

    I would look for the best road bike you can buy and add these mudguards for £22 - Parkers have them on sale at moment.

    great price for cube below

    or if your budget could stretch
  • Those look ok, but concerned how fiddly they are to setup, or get straight. If you're in a rush to go out don't want to spend 20 minutes fiddling with clip ons. Or coming off whilst you're riding. Also since all bikes are different shape (forks) unsure how secure they'll be. Had SKS race blades waste of time, useless.

    So bought another bike lol with mudguards on.

    hmm looks a bit tight, tyre rubs?

    http://bikestuffreview.files.wordpress. ... /crud4.jpg
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    Mudguards not fiddly at all once i changed from 25mm to 23mm tyres. Easy to put on, sturdier (is it a word) than i thought they would be , and keep me dry.

    see below link
  • nah...just buy another bike you know you want to. :D


    Having two bikes is great, if one needs repairing and has something which takes it off the road until you get parts you're not stuck.
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    If you really want road bike geometry with a light frame and mudguard eyes / clearance you could do a lot worse than a Kinesis Tk2. Designed from the ground up as a winter trainer.

    I have the Tk which is identical apart from the paint job. I could only afford one bike, so it had to do everything. Mudguards in winter, take them off in summer. Love it.
  • Thanks for the suggestions guys. Have found this on eBay which seems to represent decent value: ... 1e5e467bae

    Anyone with any clue as to the total weight of the Dolan ? Still curious about the total weight of the Ribble winter bike as well if anyone knows ? I think the ribble bike was reviewed in an issue of Cycling Active and the weight was quoted but I have lost that issue.

    I only weigh 67kg so thats why I am looking for something light, dragging an 11kg bike over lakeland passes at the moment makes me wonder all the time what it would be like on something lighter.
  • If you want to fit mudguards, long reach brake calipers are required. Typical calipers have less than 1cm gap between tyre and brake arch so not enough to fit guard in between.
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    great bike just need some Crudracers!!!!!!!