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I am quite new to road bikes and recently bought the bottom of the range allez. I recently came off at some wet tram lines taken at the wrong angle. I took most of the weight of the fall myself and was relatively unharmed (grazes, sore shoulder). However, ever since, I am convinced the bump absorbing properties of the front forks have completely disappeared. The ride now feels juddery and a little uncomfortable. It maybe psychological, but could it be I have done some permanent damage to the bike? I have heard a lot about carbon components being useless after a collision, but I would only consider this a minor crash. Any advice please?


  • It's probably OK but I would def. check your frame closely for any cracks/dents and such. Best to remove your forks and check to see if the steerer tube is cracked especially where it's joined to the fork. If you don't trust your damage spotting ability take it to a shop. CF is usually much sturdier than some will give it credit for but occasionally bikes do break
  • Is your headset loose? Put the front brake on and rock the bike backwards and forwards to look for play in the headset.
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    Unless the forks took a bit hit or you've abraded big lumps out of them, they should be fine - they are remarkably resistant to abuse.
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  • Thanks for the advice guys, I feel a bit better now.