Halfords bike, nice but good value?



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    CLX1 wrote:
    The quality of any bike produced by Giant whether aluminium or carbon will be a lot better than any Boardman. The reason Boardmans are high spec. and cheap is due to the low quality frame.

    I have a Giant. But if you care to backup your claim Boardmans are "cheap rubbish"

    Can't see where I claimed Boardmans were "cheap rubbish". Perhaps I should have said "cheaper is due to the lower quality frame.
    I base my comments on actually looking at the quality of the frame material in the shop, in my opinion the quality appears lower than other main stream brands, Giant included.
    as an owner i can assure you theyre not. the saving comes from the size of halfords, not frame quality. they allready have all their shops, staff, delivery network and capital for buying power in place from their other operations which is where the savings come from. the frames are british designed, by boardman bikes not halfords. most frames hide the build quality under the paintwork boardman doesnt. dont be fooled by the cosmetic top weave on most clearcoat carbon bikes, underneat they will look pretty much the same. toray are the largest leading carbon thread maker in the world and many many bikes have been built with t700. if youre refering to what look like joins and patchwork on the boardman, this is how carbon is laid up in moulds, you cant really put one complete bike shaped piece in there. there are many overlapping layers. i digested a book about composite materials, and one very interesting point which stuck out was that there is a given minimum overlap of threads to achieve full strength, after which it makes not difference to the strength even if the fibres were continuos (spelling). the overlap is only in the order of a couple of centimetres. this is because the pullout force required to pull the fibre through the resin matrix exceeds the strength of the fibre at this point, so the fibre would snap before two overlapped pieces pulled apart. thus it is still as strong as the maximum strength of the fibre.
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    Just about to pop out and put a deposit down on an Allez Sport 2011, in time I'll upgrade the groupset, probably to 105 and the wheels, bars and seat post at a some point too.

    I best be off, thanks again for the input! :D
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    The reason Boardmans are high spec. and cheap is due to the low quality frame.[/quote]

    Utter s h i t e

    Boardman frames are made by merida who produce a lot of specialized frames and own a 45% stake in specialized, as well as selling under their own name

    I'd guess Chris Boardman takes at least a passing interest in the products that bear his name.

    I'd say economy of scale has a lot to do with it, and a similar specced bianchi would be abut £1800
  • Yup snobbery, my LBS say "cheap Boardmans and Focus" So if the Boardmans are exactly the same frames as Specialized (which he sells) well... :wink:
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
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    ffs,ffs, how hard is it to set a bike up anyway. do you have someone feed you at meal times? ive had more than one bike shop crap things up so halfords dont hold the monopoly there. id rather not have to pay huge amounts for someone to do what i can do anyway in a few minutes.

    Not all of us are mechanically minded but if you can do everything needed for your bike fair play to you. Maybe have a look at the comments at the bottom of the OP's post.

    it wasnt aimed directly at the op. i forget how (can't think of a repectfull word) some people are at maintenance. i dont think its beyond many people, more a case of cant be bothered.

    Quite true....

    I always took my bike to a bike shop until i fell out with them, now i do all my stuff myself....after purchasing the Ice Toolz kit from Evans which seems to have everything i need.

    I had the bottom bracket out for the first time the other night, never done a bottom bracket before, needed cleaning up and regreasing, same with the headset the other night, took all that apart and greased/refitted, i would never had done it if i hadn't fallen out with the bike shop.

    And the best bit is, you don't have to wait a week for them to do it and be without the bike! :D

    You Tube is great and if you have the correct tools, and the ability to read or watch a video, then there is nothing that you can't do yourself - trust me! :D


    Just takes effort.

    Took me well over three hours the first time I fitted a rear mech, spanners/pliers were thrown in anger, plenty of 'time outs', deep breaths and 'counting to ten' moments.

    But now I understand the principals of how a rear mech/cable/shifter works I'm pretty sure I could do it in a quarter of the time.

    Plus, every time I change gear and I hear the chain click smoothly across, it feels ever so slightly better because I set it up myself. :)
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    Yup snobbery, my LBS say "cheap Boardmans and Focus" So if the Boardmans are exactly the same frames as Specialized (which he sells) well... :wink:

    Either way I have an Allez Sport 2011 on it's way for £596 from Berkshire Cycles, I was going to pay £699 for the CB bike. The guy I spoke to in Halfords said the frame was "fairly" rigid and he didn't have much confidence when he said it, this left me suspicious, hence this thread.

    BTW cheers for the info on the Aldi stuff, picked up a couple of bits today (amongst a swarm of cyclists) and they seem really good value for money, ta! :)
  • I must disagree with( CLX 1) I have a Boardman Team Carbon It is a very good frame. even a lot better than some of the other high end Carbon frames I have used,

    It would be a lot more expensive if it was being sold by the LBS's
    Buy one get it checked at your LBS if you need to, make the best of it while these prices last . :)
  • First thing I'd do is probably remove BB and apply carbon fibre grease...seems a few people complain that Halfords bikes aren't lubed properly. Any other places that anti-seize compounds needs to be used? (seat post as obviously)
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)