Dura Ace 7702 inner chainring

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My groupset is a full and original Dura Ace 7702 9spd groupset. The chainrings are original, and 53/40 and would like a smaller small ring to make the hills a bit easier! What options do I have please without compromising the current system?


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    53/40 ???
    are you
    constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly
  • My apologies, I just re-counted it - 39T, sorry :oops:
  • Sorry to ask again, but is there a smaller (than 39T) inner chainring (2 ring setup) available for this set that I can use please, or what more compact chainring setup would you advise please?
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    b10tds wrote:
    My apologies, I just re-counted it - 39T, sorry :oops:

    You can go to a 38 tooth front ring and that's it. Nothing smaller will fit(or is even made - because it won't fit the bolt circle).
    Compact crankset is the only way to go lower than 38.
    Well, there's always triples, if you care to go that way.
  • Thanks for the reply Dennis. I have now got a 38T coming, small change as it is it might help me a little, thanks.
  • A larger big sprocket on the cassette? You can get shimano 9 speed cassettes with loads of combinations.
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  • Now that is of course soooo obvious when you mention it :oops:
    Thank you, I will look into that as well next.