Caad10 vs Super Six Carbon?

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Hi All,
Okay I know I'm a little previous with this one as the bikes and full specs aren't out yet - come on Cannondale hurry up!

Having seen the pre-realease shots and the favourable comments from many on here and elsewhere I've pretty much made up my mind to make my next ride a cannondale however I seem to spend every day looking for teasers on any of their 2011 range and now seem to be going into a flat spin..

My options seem to be this

Caad 10 Ultegra £1899 - Slightly over budget but doable to get a better groupset if it is the nuts when it does get released

Super Six 2011 105 £1799 - Budget done - essentially same bike as 2010? but potentially diff colour spec but by all accounts a great bike

Caad10 105 - £1399 - Under budget and get a decent (and therefore spare) wheel set for dry rides/sportives etc for £300/£400 ish - 105 will probably be fine for me (upgrading from sora!) and I like the idea of some super fast wheels...

Appreciate I need to see/ride the bikes first but I was wondering what are people gut feels for the above, I was set on the Caad10 but a few detractors in the USA (who seem to have ridden it) aren't as impressed vs the Caad9. I do like the look of the Caad10 in either white or black, reds not for me.but the .the supersix is the carbon bike I had been promising myself but the caad10 offers better vfm?

Anyone got any heads up on any of these models, release dates, will there be any at the London Cycleshow or anywhere else ?


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    Well if you want to make your mind up now then I would go with the Super Six as it already comes out as a top top bike review after review. I have a CAAD 9 and it's a fantastic bike, but the CAAD 10 isn't "Hand Made In USA" like the CAAD 9. The seatstays on the CAAD10 are very thin and looks nowhere near as nice as the 9 or Six in my opinion.
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    Wait and see what the 10 is like. It may be even more awesome than the 9. It may not...