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I am new to road racing so I want to buy new road bike ready for new season. And after some research I came up with this two bikes. I want to know which one I should go for?

Raleigh Airlite 200 vs Specialized Allez 2010?


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    Hi Jonathon, I suggest you add a third option on the poll "The one that you like the best after going for a couple of test rides". The Allez is a good bike and gets lots of mentions on here but that doesn't mean the Raleigh is bad.

    If you shop around, you can also get the Cannondale CAAD8 (Sora) for the same kind of money (~£550) so it might be worth adding that to your list too.
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    Rutalnd have been doing deals on the 2010 tiagra equipped airlite 300, think they had it for under £450 on ebay a few weeks back. Still under £500 on the website
    http://www.rutlandcycling.com/24613/Ral ... -Bike.html
  • After years of mountain biking....I bought my first road bike 2 months ago. I read loads of reviews and the Allez always seemed to come out top. I bought the Allez 16 for £499.

    Brilliant bike as far as I'm concerned but with my limited knowledge of road bikes I don't have anything to compare it to.

    Hope this helps!
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    i bought a specialized allez 16 in the sales for £430
    then i bought a 105 groupset from merlin for £300 and sold the old groupset for £115 :D
  • I am another happy Allez owner here. In fact my dad has been so impressed with mine he has passed his (recently purchased!) Carrera TdF on to my son and grabbed himself a 2010 Allez in the sales for himself now!
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  • Nearly every new post about cycling brings up the Allez as the beginners bike of choice. Now i've nothing against the Allez, i used to have one but there are other equally as good if not better bikes out there for beginners. People are limiting themselves to bike choices when they've not even seen them in the flesh/metal. If you have a look around some bike shops you may find something you'd rather have. Its a very personal choice with what bikes we all find comfortable so to choose one before you've even ridden it or to dismiss one because its not been talked about as much on a forum isn't necessarily going to result in you getting the 'right' bike for you. I personally didnt get on with the Allez as much as everyone else seems to do so i changed it and the bike i have now (Merida 903) feels 10 times better. Try before you buy!
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