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DT Swiss rear schock service

surreyxcsurreyxc Posts: 293
edited September 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Anyone serviced a DT Swiss XM180 shock themselves. I can find no info on the net, unlike for FOX or Rock Shox. The only company that I found is PACE, they charge £80 + pp, guess mostly labour, as a service should only require some oil, a few bushings/seals.


  • Not sure if the XM180 is similar to the Nude, but servicing that at home is limited to taking the shell off (it unscrews) and cleaning/regreasing the stanchion. The gubbings require special tools and reassembly in an oil bath.

    Probably better to let Pace do it. After all £80 + pp isn't much to pay for servicing something that costs the better part of £400.
  • your probably right, but need the fork and rear serviced so OUCH. Just curious as I have seen a few articles on self servicing FOX units.
  • i-drivei-drive Posts: 527
    its the same as the fox procedure.i even used a little float fluid.clean up the sponge bottom out bung while your at it as .
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