Buying Vilier in Europe

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Hi there.

New to BR but think it's great. I've been thinking about getting a Vilier and completely lost my dignity when I saw the 2010 Imperiale recently.

Are there any advantages to buying one in Europe? Has anyone done this? I've done a quick round of bike websites in Holland, Belgium, Italy and France and (maybe it's my fat fingers) can't find local prices in Euros, and keep getting directed to the Vilier site.

Can't really understand why the bike is soooo cheap in the US either. What they hey...

Good to be here.


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    I'm noticing that the RRP of bikes across Europe (having recently looked in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and UK) is starting to even out.

    18 months ago, my Cube was 600 quid cheaper in the UK than in Switzerland, but I still got the LBS here to price match (well almost -£500 ). The other half recently got a Trek 2.5 WSD and I could've only got it 50 quid cheaper in the UK than here in Switzerland. I was looking at bike prices on holiday in Italy and they were no cheaper than anywhere else I've seen.

    True bargains only seem to be had when the likes of CRC or Wiggle do special buys of stock and pass on the savings or companies like Planet X do the pre-order deals like they are doing on their SL Pro Carbon with SRAM Red. Even if you look at Rose in Germany who are like Planet X but on a bigger scale, they are not much cheaper than Trek, Specialized, Cannondale etc.

    Bikes look cheap in the US because they are advertised with no sales taxes added to the price. All EU bikes will have 15-25% VAT included dependent on the country. If you import a bike from the US you will have to pay the import duty on the cost of the bike and then pay 17.5% VAT on top of all that. When you take into account postage then you may find your bargain bike is not as cheap as it seems.
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    Global economics - the majority of the product cost is from the far east and paid in US$ - an price variation is only likely due to differences in Vat between countries. I doubt many Wiliers go anywhere near Trieste.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Fat thumb
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    Fat thumb

    At least phonetically you were correct!