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hi i'm thinking of buying a scott cr1 anyone with this bike and what do they think of it, I have seen a sale model with 105 for the price of 1300, what do ye reckon ... -2036.html


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    I have a CR1 and know a few others that also have and rate this bike. I can only comment on the 2010 and the model your looking at is of course a 2009 which seems like a reasonable deal . Have you ridden one yet and looked at the other deals out there from the likes of Planet X etc
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    I had one of these frames, got it after snapping 2 addict sl's. Great bike, really stiff, comfortable and only a couple of hundred grammes heavier then the addict.

    I only got rid of it as I had problems with the paint cracking on the bb, and I was given a dale six13 for free. Customer service from Scott was great though!
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    Hi Have a 2007 CR1 Team and love it! It was my first and 'proper' road bike and I've used it all year round for training rides, TT's and Triathlons.

    The 105 groupset hasn't let me down yet and still shifts really smoothly. Apart from replacing inner/outer cables and brake pads everything still works fine.

    The frame is quite light, so is very responsive and excellent on the hills. I've read that newer models have a more relaxed frame geometry, making them more suited to sportives and ultimately being more comfortable. To be honest the older frame/bike is extremely comfortable anyway, so the newer versions must be armchair like :)

    My brother has the 2008 model (colour change) and he loves his too.

    Apart from the general wear and tear scratches on the frame, I've had no problems with build quality.

    I'd recommend one, but it's not my money to spend. Take one out for a ride, if you can and try as many other bikes as you can too. Good luck!

    P.S Don't you fancy an Addict for £1400 :D : ... -28106.htm
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  • I've got the one frames still in it's box ready to be built up the next weekend that I've got time. Looking forward to getting out on it when I can.
  • thanks for the replies, havent ridden one, and it will be an epic trip for me to get to belfast, tho if i'm spending that money i would to get fitted properly,
    was looking at kuota kharma but that is €1850, looked a a cube gtc aswell. the planet x doesn't do it for me, its great value so i might just get over it lol
    any other suggestions, €1500 is knda the most i want to spend
  • ive got a 2006 CR1 PRO,done 8000 miles and as far as the frame and forks are concerned no problems at all, and the as far as the Ultegra groupset goes just a rear mech cable has broke, so when you read of the problems other people have had with other bikes i think these must be good bikes.
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    I have the 2007 Scott CR1 Pro with Ultegra and had for nearly 3 years. Still love it and use it for good weather training, Sportives and rides in the French Alps.
  • Hi,

    I have seen a 2009 CR1 frame on sale for £600, does that sound like a good deal to you guys? Its a 56, do you think that will be ok for a 6ft chap? (I currently ride a large Boardman comp which I believe is a 56)


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    Marko1982 wrote:

    I have seen a 2009 CR1 frame on sale for £600, does that sound like a good deal to you guys? Its a 56, do you think that will be ok for a 6ft chap? (I currently ride a large Boardman comp which I believe is a 56)



    Yes, and yes.

    I think the frames normally go for £999 (although I can't imagine they sell many as the lower end complete bikes aren't much more than that), so that's a good price.

    56cm frame sounds right for you - I have a 54cm and I'm 5'10". Have you compared the geometry to your current bike?
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    I have a CR1 Pro 2008 Clear Carbon weave laquor Black, Silver, red and white finish.

    Bought for a steel second hand to Crit on for next season a few months back from a chap on Bike radar.

    Finished with:
    Pro Vibe Compact H/bars
    Pro Vibe Stem
    Pro Vibe Seatpost
    Fizik Arione Black and red Saddle
    Fizik soft touck Logo's Black H/bar Tape
    Shimano 7900 Dura Ace Compact Chainset
    Dura Ace 10 Speed Shifters
    Ultegra BB
    Dura Ace Front and Rear Mech
    Dura Ace 7900 Chain
    Dura Ace Front & Rear Calipers and Cartrides
    Mavic,De-logo'd Cosmic Carbone 50mm tubulars
    Conti Comp 23mm front and 25mm Rear tyres
    Jagwire Cable and outer (black)

    The bike is as good as a pro's and looks better than many of the pro bikes. It looks amazing! All kit was sourced by me and was put together for around £1200. If you are will to hunt out the best 2nd hand deals and scour the net for the best prices it's worth it.

    The 2008 is more aggressive than the 2009 and 2010 models which are now out and out Sportive frames. The ride is a stif as King Dong, but really comfrotable.

    There is no way in hell this bike is seeing a crit race from anywhere but from the road side. Made my old TCR Super alloy 1000g frame into my race bike running 9 speed Ultegra throughout. I dont care if someone wipes me out on it basically!

    Great bike cannot reccomend enough. I aim for it to become my crit bike over next few years and will upgrade to the Addict. Poss F01 if the pocket allows or win the lottery. I am definatley now a Scott fan based on the CR1 frames ride and performance.

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    2008 bike here too. Brilliant bike. Does many a long sportive and with my uber tight hamstrings it's a credit to it that it could actually adapt to me :lol:

    Just swapped my d-a stuff off my P-X bike on to it to make the most of its light frame. Down to 7.1kg with pretty standard stuff so lots of room to get it even lighter if I want to :lol:
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    Marko1982 wrote:

    I have seen a 2009 CR1 frame on sale for £600, does that sound like a good deal to you guys? Its a 56, do you think that will be ok for a 6ft chap? (I currently ride a large Boardman comp which I believe is a 56)



    I'm also 6ft and mine's a 58/59 and ever so slightly too big, even with a smaller stem. I'm getting a Cube around Xmas and will go a size smaller, although the Cube's can come up a little small in comparison.
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    Mine is a 2007 Pro which I bought on eBay and upgraded with some 6700 bits and new wheels (F'rum 3). They came with a carbon bar and some cheap shimano wheels.

    It's fast, light and very responsive with excellent acceleration. However being very stiff it is not as comfortable as I was hoping it would be (had an old Alu racer before which I thought was really stiff)
    Also with the winter coming, I cannot fit any mudguards on and the aero forks seems to make them sensitive to side winds.

    The 2010 frame is said to be "softer", visibly the rear stays are thinner and rounder which makes sense.

    Bottom line if you are after a solid dry weather bike that is fast and racy go for it.

    I'm now looking for a winter bike so the CR1 can stay in the lounge till spring:-)
  • FleshTuxedo - is yours with the stock stem? I'm same height as you & have the 2009 54cm CR1 Pro, found it a little cramped to begin with - fitting a 12cm stem helped, think I'd have been fine with a 56 frame tho.

    Paid 1100 for mine, as-new condition with Ultegra components & Ksyrium Elite wheels. Love it 8)