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Just that really... the £3.50 jobs I bought from fleabay broke 1 mile Obviously I don't want to spend a fortune :D

Thank you
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    Well if you think your safety is worth £3.50...
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    You'll be suprissed how good these are, I use them to commute on the pitch black lanes of anglesey, 9 hour battery life as well
  • If you ride on lit roads and just need to be seen then there are loads of decent lights that have long (50-100hour) run times using good quality AAA or AA batteries. I use Two SMART 7 LED rear lights, which you can pick up online for about £6 each. At the front I have a cateye light with five LEDs in it that takes 4 x AA batteries and lasts ages. I think it cost me about £25. The smaller lights, available for about half that, are still pretty bright if you keep the batteries fresh. You see a lot of people ridig around with very dull lights, I usually carry spare batteries with me.

    If you are on dark lanes and need to light up the road to see where you are going, then you will need powerful lights with a separate rechargeable battery pack.
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    If you are on dark lanes and need to light up the road to see where you are going, then a cheap option is a P7 torch from Dealextreme or UK ebay selleres (about £35 with batteries, chargers etc) or a Magicshine - which is a P7 light with battery pack - for around £50.

    If you search on P7 or Magicshine you will see several threads on this, particularly in the MTB forums, as for offroad in the dark you need bright lights.
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