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markpotts147markpotts147 Posts: 100
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I am looking at getting my first road bike. I like the look of the trek 1.2 triple. I weigh approx 17.5 stone and am wondering if i need hand built wheels to support my weight? I saw a post on this forum saying that anyone over 15 stone should consider them, especially on cheaper bikes. If this is the case how do i go about purchasing some? Do i just order them off the web?

Thanks in advance.


  • Traditional built wheels are becoming slightly less common with the road specific 130mm hubs, in part due to the severe dishing many will no longer use traditional built spoke and hub, opting for a modern prebuilt variety. This is because the modern design of these new wheels can help to reduce the impact of severe dishing. In fairness many of the latter are now of a standard and price that for an mis range fast spec' bike they are becoming the norm‘. For sure expect to see traditional built at the Trek 1.2 price point complete bikes, although it is never folly to invest in a more upmarket set, I did just that on Trek 1.2 WSD I bought for my girlfriend, on hers I fitted Mavic Kysrium Equipe

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