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Campagnolo / SRAM cassettes

italiafirenzeitaliafirenze Posts: 132
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Now, I've got two bikes. One SRAM, one Campagnolo.

I have been considering a Powertap and was fretting over the cost of either replacing the campag or the SRAM so I could use it on both bikes. I've also been toying with getting some wheels for use on the turbo with a turbo tyre.

Basically all my thoughts have been devoted to how to best afford a new groupset so I can get all the other things I want.

Out of chance I read a topic somewhere (not here I don't think) and one poster said that he had lots of wheels (campag and shimano I think) and lots of campag bikes, but one shimano, and he simply plugged his wheel into whichever bike he wanted Campag or Shimano without a thought and there was absolutely no problem.

I thought this couldn't possibly be true thanks to the whole Campag/Shimano it's all different thing.

But I just got home and tested it on both my bikes, and sure enough, one wheel works perfectly well with the other.

If anything, the shifting at the top and bottom ends is ever so slightly not 100%, but not so much that I wouldn't happily save the cost of a new groupset and no so much I wouldn't ride it like that.

Does everybody just know this and I'm being an ignorant idiot or are there just a handful of people who have ever dared "cross the streams" and mix Campag and Shimano?

*For the purposes of this I haven't differentiated SRAM/Shimano, but if it purely is a SRAM thing then that's even more interesting.


  • These days there are that many teeth'n cogs on a cassette, you're bound to find a combination that works. :wink:
  • full sram with campag shifters supposedly works because the difference is spacing is pretty small.
  • I dare say there's any supposed about it.

    So far it works fine for me, I'm going to test it on a longer ride now.

    It seems to work the other way too SRAM wheel on campag bike.

    So it wouldn't work as well with a Shimano cassette you think? Shame, cos they seem a bit cheaper.
  • Out of curiousity I put my ladies' SRAM wheel into mine and shifted fine. It's a good thing as campag cassettes are expensive and limiting ratio and availability compared to SRAM. Almost worth changing the freehub over and pretending it's campag :P
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  • It's a good thing as campag cassettes are expensive

    Not really, £26 for 9 speed Veloce cassette.
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I run Sram/Shimano and Campagnolo.

    I spoke to Alex at Paligap and they do a Campag Freehub for about 60 quid. The freehub slides off so you can switch between Campagnolo and Sramano in seconds...
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