New hub bearings too tight?

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I am making up a paid of wheels with Ultegra hubs, Mavic Open Pro rims and DT Swiss DB competition spokes.

Before I started, I was surprised how stiff the bearings were - clearly intentionally as they both hubs were about the same.

I have now laced up the wheels (but had to put them aside for two weeks before finishing). Nonethless, even with loose spokes, they do spin nicely, rocking backwards a little after doing their cycle.

So the tightness can't be far out. Should I ease the cones off a bit, or just assume it is a bit stiff because the hubs are new?

(Note: neither of my pair of (cheap) wheels with cartridge bearings ever spin back a little to find their heaviest point.)


  • Sounds like just new bearings packed with grease.
    I wouldnt worry about it like.