Are groupsets interchangeable with eachother

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Looking at upgrading Shimano Sora 9speed triple ring groupset on my son's OCR. My question is can I mix different can I fit say Shimano 105 chainset will it work with the sora. Can I change a triple to a double without changing anything else? will a front ultegra deraiileur work with the sora.

Furthermore, will different manufacturers work with eachother. I know trvativ chainset will work with the Sora but will Campag? I have been offered a double campag centaur chainset and an ultegra front derralalieur

If anyone can shed some linght on this I'd be really grateful

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    Generally, all groupsets are compatible if you stick with the same brand and number of gears.
    Chainsets are the least brand specific - but you do need to keep to the right bottom bracket - most BB's aren't interchangeable between brands e.g. Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo. There's no problems using 9 or 10 speed.
    A triple chainset requires a long-arm rear mech and different front mech - in some cases different shifters too - not readily interchangeable with doubles.
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