Argon 18 Gallium and Gallium Pro in the greater london area

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Hi all - I'm hoping to try out an Argon 18 Gallium and/or Gallium Pro.... preferably in a Large frame size.... does anyone know where I might be able to try one out in the greater London area...? I'd rather not have to trek out to Epic Cycles (I don't have a car), plus they're all out of Large frames....

Also, I've heard that the 2011 Gallium/Pro framesets are going to increase in price. Does anyone know what they're are going to increase to (and also when they'll start being made available)?

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  • The 2011 is a completely new mould, you can check it out on their website. Just one thing to note, I have the Gallium Pro and its as still as hell, goes like stink but ZERO comfort ! To hear they've made the 2011 model even stiffer makes me wince :shock:

    There are other bikes out there that manage to combine both stiffness AND some comfort for the same money, as much as I'm loathe to admit it, a Giant TCR advanced frameset would be way better in that regard.
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    shorter rochfords in potters bar have them, however you wont be allowed to breathe near any of their bikes nevertheless test ride them. and you will get verbally abused for entering the store. they dont even have that much stock worth playing with yet they think they are elitist. they are a bunch of ****

    i went in attempting to get advice for a 2.5k frame and just got an ear bashing that i would rather buy off a faceless internet company than ever darken their doors again.